Audrey Szeto is a multi-disciplinary artist who creates emotional landscapes, wearable objects and edible experiences. Her inspiration primarily comes from the multi-sensory aspects of our experiences and memories. Audrey translates these moments into an abstract visual language that speaks to our baser instincts. 

Her paintings combine unusual colors, layering, and expressive movement to recreate the intricacies of the mood that inspires the piece. Intuition collides with control in Audrey’s work. Each piece is an amalgamation of an overwhelmed mind with the intention of harnessing the emotions behind them. 

In her fiber work, she creates wearable objects that create an experience for the audience. She invites her wearer to enshroud themselves in an empowering, comforting or even uncomfortable moment. Audrey uses contrasting fabrics and materials such as leather, metal, wool and silk to activate the patron’s senses.

The food she makes often calls upon her childhood memories and weaves the ever intricate dualities of her cultural identity. It navigates the current food landscape and fond memories of her past. Audrey hopes to share new memories with her audience; connecting us with our commonalities and the emotions they evoke.